Get Liquidity For Your Publicly Traded Stocks.

Are you a UHNW, Investor, or institution that needs liquidity? Borrow $1 Mil-$1 Billion. Message for a term sheet.

Why Stockloan Loans?-Liquidity.

Fastest way to obtain low interest, tax differed, Money. Easily.

Do you need liquidity for your shares? We provide Direct Liquidity in the form of a stockloan, a direct lender. Over $1 Billion dollars funded.

Why a stockloan? A stockloan is a tool that Corporate executives, institutions, and UHNWI use to improve their liquidity. A stockloan is a non-recourse, loan, and usually doesn’t involve the transfer of ownership. Where Investors can leverage, their ownership of publicly held shares to obtain liquidity for purposes such as purchases, mitigating risk, or other reasons you wish.

We help clients like you in over 80 Exchanges globally, and in 100+ countries, internationally. RDE Stockloans is a direct provider of private liquidity from the capital markets, through our Stockloans. We provide direct loan term sheets.

Whether you need cash for your assets in the USA or internationally, we can help you. Working on all major global exchanges, excluding restricted zones.

  • NO Credit Check
  • NO Additional Collateral
  • NO restrictions on uses
  • NO Title Transfer (Indonesia only). 
  • Typically funded 3-10 days
  • Low-Interest rates 2-6%
  • Simple Paperwork
  • Can be tax differed IRS Code 142 (QRP) consult CPA. 
  • Unlimited funding ($1 Mil to $1 Billion) 
  • Keep 100% ownership of shares
  • Funding in 80 Exchanges Globally 

Get Liquidity For Your Publicly Traded Stocks.

Are you a UHNW, Investor, or institution that needs liquidity? Borrow $1 Mil-$1 Billion. Message for a term sheet.

Security-based debt is private and unreportable in most jurisdictions and most often is used by shareholders to defer taxes IRS Code 142 (QRP) and sometimes used to raise capital for the purchase of luxury goods, assets like real estate, funding startups, buying a jet, boat, helicopter, or for any reason whatsoever, and it usually provides tax reduction to legally avoid capital gains taxes, due to a sell-off of stocks. You keep 100% of the control of shares of your company, and dividends are paid to you; since you remain the owner. (Consult CPA).

Our process is simple. Tell us how many shares of stocks you are pledging, the stock ticker symbol, and the amount of the loan, and the length of the loan 1-10 years. Our loans LTV typically range from 60%-85%.

The LTV and the Loan will be reviewed in underwriting, and the market cap and the liquidity are key factors that will determine eligibility.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Send us this info for a term sheet.

1. Ticker Symbol.

2. Stock Exchange-listed.

3. Number of shares pledging.

4. Loan Amount Requested.

We can lend from all major exchanges in the world, shares must be unrestricted and have electronic status.


  • -MT103/202
  • -GPI
  • -IPIP
  • -MTN’s
  • -Bond Funding
  • -Sovereign Guarantee
  • -SBLC
  • -BG
  • -Commercial Loans
  • -Equities
  • -Transportation
  • -Asset-Based
  • -Logistics


Benefits of A Stockloan/Securities Loan

Best Interest Terms 2-6%

No Additional Collateral Stocks are the collateral

Fast Term Sheet Offers within 24-96 Hours Quick Review, Underwriting.

Partnered: SCG, R*, Wallstreet Banks Direct Lenders $1 Mil to Unlimited

Tax Exempt: Reduce tax liability IRS Tax code 1042. (QRP)

Securities Trusted Custodian Transfer

Fast Closing 96 hours. Fastest closing in the industry

Keep 100% Securities Ownership Dividen payout.

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