We provide swift finance solutions to Real Estate investors and developers

ESSEX TRADE & CAPITAL LLC®  successfully fulfils your commercial real estate funding needs through two main advantages. We bring in decades of business and financing experience, and we have the capacity to fund any operation, transaction or project, regardless of size.

Our Experience Translates into Your Success

Commercial real estate loan advisors in Dubai, America and around the world know how critical knowledge and expertise can be. The right experience can be the leading factor in the success of a real estate development project. Our management team is composed of business professionals who possess more than  years of experience in owning or operating successful ventures that span across industries. Aurelian is the effective real estate asset management advisor that Michigan businesses — and those around the world — turn to because of the wealth of knowledge we bring to the table.

Variety of Solutions, Custom Tailored to Your Company

Among commercial real estate loans advisors in Dubai, America and around the world, ESSEX TRADE & CAPITAL LLC is one that can provide the widest range of services, from real estate development financing to bridge loans. We can even cater to specific organizations and offer tailor fit services, such as church real estate financing. As a leading real estate asset management advisor and financier with international reach, The Albin  Companies presents you with a varied mix of financing solutions. As the kind of property involved is a main point of consideration, wide scope of real estate asset management advisory financing services includes various types:

  • Multifamily apartments
  • High rise office buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial Property
  • Restaurants
  • Gas stations
  • Retail commercial property
  • Mobile Home Parks

Among commercial real estate loans advisors, Local businesses and around the world have the broadest set of financing options when they choose ESSEX TRADE & CAPITAL LLC . There is a funding solution for every type of property and real estate transaction or project you want to accomplish.

Funding for Any Size Project

The other main advantage included in The ESSEX TRADE & CAPITAL LLC Companies real estate asset management advisory financing  services is that the size of the project or transaction is not an issue. We are internally capitalized in excess of $1B  in hard capital and capital commitments. To further ensure your capital demands are met, we also maintain strategic partnerships that enable access to additional funding so we can capitalize any size project.

Flexibility and Efficiency

The monetary and technical resources that come with our real estate asset management advisory financing services allow us to provide our clients flexible terms and immediate access to cash. Competitive rates, quick closings and options of fixed or variable rates programs are just a few of the benefits you can expect with Aurelian. Traditional commercial real estate loan advisors firms worldwide often use conventional guidelines that don’t always result in favorable terms for you. ESSEX TRADE & CAPITAL LLC loan specialists, on the other hand, work closely with you, taking the time to understand your specific capital demands. This ensures a smoother financing process from start to finish.

We offer the following Commercial Lending services: