We provide swift finance solutions to Real Estate investors and developers


When you work with ESSEX TRADE & CAPITAL LLC, a long-established commercial trade financing  institution, you get access to the funding you need, structured in the most advantageous way for you.

Examples of the type of assistance we can provide:

Acquisition and Development 

Whether it’s a world-class spa, a fully equipped assisted living facility or an apartment complex, we can help you obtain the land and get the required infrastructure underway.

Interim Loan 

A short-term loan is sometimes all that’s needed to finalize your dream project. We can draw up special commercial construction financing packages in America and around the world with the most favorable terms for your project.

The AG Finance TradeXpert LLC Edge – This is what we do!

We aren’t your run-of-the-mill commercial construction financing Michigan lender. Partner with us and you’ll have guaranteed access to:

Virtually Unlimited Funding

Typical commercial construction financing lenders may not have the resources needed to cover your project. We, on the other hand, are in the unique position to be able to handle virtually any size transaction from real real estate asset management to commercial equipment loans. When you choose ESSEX TRADE & CAPITAL LLC, you’re working with the company that has over $10B million in capital and capital commitments and access to virtually unlimited additional capital resources.

Industry Expertise

We’re a team of highly successful professionals who are well versed in the operation and financing of businesses. With ESSEX TRADE & CAPITAL LLC, you get access to premier consultancy services as well.

We’ve have extensive experience in the commercial construction financing industry. We know it will take time for return of investment. We can structure your commercial construction finance package so your repayments offer the most favorable and convenient terms. This way, you can focus on making your newly finished real estate project profitable without the pressure of worrying about loan servicing.

You can rest assured we’re just as committed as you to ensuring your endeavor’s success.