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Letter Of Credit (LC)

The Letter of Credit (DLC) is one of the most standard forms of payment used for international trade, and it can eliminate risks for both the importer/buyer and the exporter/seller

Bank Guarantees

A Bank Guarantee (BG) or Letter of Guarantee secures a contractual obligation between the parties involved. In short, a Guarantor agrees to pay a Beneficiary after the beneficiary submits precise documents or a specific demand to the guarantor at a particular time or in a certain manner.

Standby Letter Of Credit

Are you looking to protect yourself when signing a financial contract with a foreign entity? If so, then a Standby Letter Of Credit (SBLC) is the most effective solution. A Standby Letter Of Credit protects the beneficiary/seller in the case that the applicant/buyer cannot pay its obligation.

Usance Letter Of Credit

increase Capital, Grow Your Business Receive an Usance Letter Of Credit (Usance LC) from world banks and start growing your business today by deferring payment on imported goods until you have already resold them.

Documentary Letter of Credit

A Necessity For All Importers and Exporters One of the oldest and most standard forms of payment used for international trade, the Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC) can eliminate risks for both the importer/buyer and the exporter/seller.

Pre-Advice Swift Services

Provide your client a Proof of Funds Letter (POF) or a Ready Willing And Able Letter (RWA) via a MT799 Swift message from our expansive network of top world banks.

Mid-Market Acquisitions

We are so focused on our clients that we now seek to work with companies with an EBITDA of $2 million or more, and we prefer over $10 million in EBITDA. We at the Essex Trade Group believe that there are successful companies that are capital-constrained.

Commercial Bonds

A corporate bond is a bond issued by a corporation in order to raise financing for a variety of reasons such as to ongoing operations, M&A, or to expand a business. The term is usually applied to longer-term debt instruments, with a maturity of at least one year.

Offshore Bank account

A big part of any strategy to reduce your political risk is to place some of your savings outside of the immediate reach of thieving bureaucrats in your home country. Setting up a foreign bank account in the right jurisdiction is a convenient way to do just that.

Trusted Financial Consultants

Our company has been sharing financial advice with clients and companies over the years. The Essex Trade Group is a name that you can trust. We provide an innovative strategy for your financial planning that will prove successful for your future and will help you achieve your goals.

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