Available Projects Portfolio

List of Project Portfolio Available for Funding

Once the customer has monetized their financial instrument with our company after disbursement we have the option to offer a list of projects portfolio to develop so clients can invest their funds in a reliable and safe way to ensure a good return on investment.

CountrySectorProject Investment (US$)Loan Financing (US$)
Dominican Republic-Medical

-Infrastructure (Deep-water Port & Marina, Private Airstrip, Hotels etc.)

-Agriculture & Housing

1.5 Billion
385 Million
22 Million
1 Billion
360 Million
20 Million
St. Barts
-Tourism/ Accommodation
60 Million
50 Million
Commonwealth  of  Dominica
-Tourism/ Accommodation
-Industry (Spring Water Bottling)
-Automotive Trade
13 Million
17 Million
18 Million
10 Million
15 Million
10 Million
-Tourism/ Accommodation
19 Million
14 Million
-Manufacturing/ Industry (Perfumery)
10 Million
4 Million
St. Martin
-Tourism/ Accommodation
15 Million
20 Million
15 Million
17 Million
-Tourism/ Accommodation
38 Million
30 Million
The Philippines
-Manufacturing/ Industry (cement plant)
600 Million
420 Million
-Power Generation (Natural Gas)
465 Million
400 Million
-Manufacturing/ Industry (Water Channeling)
21 Million
15 Million
-Infrastructure/ Industry ( Deep-water Port, Heavy Industry, Gas Storage)
2.2 Billion
Phase 1- 1.3 Billion

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