Broker Support Hub

Broker Support Hub

We are committed to assisting brokers to maximize the benefits of your relationship with AG Finance TradeXpert and that’s why we have created this page as a Support Hub for our valued Silver, Gold, and Platinum Brokers.

  • Available Bank Instrument Portfolio for Lease on Euroclear
  • Banking Days & Holidays Calculator
  • Banned Individuals, Companies & Brokers
  • Broker Agreement.  
  • Brokers Client Registration Portal
  • Country Delegations Brokers Licenses
  • Document Library
  • Forbidden Asset Providers & Financial Instruments
  • Hanson Group Suspected Fraud, Blacklisted, Banned Company or even Breach of Copyright FALSE Allegations
  • How the Attorney’s Trustees Office is able to provide a Loan with a Bank Instrument?
  • How the Leased Bank Instrument Monetization Works?
  • Insurance Wrap Premium
  • Leasing and Purchasing Bank Instrument Calculator
  • Offshore Bank Account Openings
  • Platinum, Gold, and Silver Broker Levels Explained
  • Privacy & Refund Policy
  • Recourse & Non-Recourse Loan Calculator
  • Registered Platinum Brokers
  • Required Client Standards
  • Secured Bank Instrument Lease and Monetization Program
  • Swift Examples

1. How do I give clients your Applications to complete and protect myself from being circumvented by the client?

We have established a special Brokers Client Registration Portal and broker especial email address at AG Finance TradeXpert to protect you! The email address is: [email protected]

Here is how we recommend you use that Brokers Client Registration Portal and email address….When you first email the client information about The AG Finance TradeXpert, make sure you register your client at our Brokers Client Registration Portal and cc or bcc [email protected] in the email you are sending to the client.

When you register your client at our Brokers Client Registration Portal and cc or bcc us,  our system automatically logs that client as yours for life, and tags that your registered broker identity is to be automatically paid commission on any deals that client completes with AG Finance TradeXpert.

Important: This process only works when you register your client at our Brokers Client Registration Portal and cc or bcc [email protected], you must solely use this registration portal and email address to register clients as yours. Do NOT use any other email address for tagging client ownership, solely use: [email protected] as then it is processed by our automatic system.


Normal Email: [email protected]

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