Custodial Bank Safe Keeping Receipt (CSKR/SKR)

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Six months after an SKR is issued, you can pay the full banking cost to help protect your assets. Contact us to learn more about how an SKR can assist you in your financial future.

What is a Bank Endorsed Safe Keeping Receipt (SKR)?

An SKR is another bank instrument that is used as an alternative financing tool. These instruments can be issued from banks, storage houses, or alternative financing facilities.

Types of Monetizable SKR:

• Fur
• Collectible Art
• Gold
• Above Ground Assets
• Property
• Antiques
• Valuable Documents
• Precious Gems
• Bonds

Those that issue the SKR do not own them, so the asset must be returned if requested. Those that own valuable items can take out an SKR against them. This collateral-based banking instrument provides alternative financing to those that need it most. These are similar to LC, Bonds, SBLC, and BG. SWIFT is used at the transfer service, but some need to utilize MT542.

To monetize the SKR is to use this banking tool as cash in a transaction. It depends on the financial institution as to what terms and conditions might apply. The best way to monetize your SKR is to make sure that the title is clear. Next, the term monetization is generally for a year and one day.

This is considered one of the safest banking instruments because you do not give up control of your assets, and you aren’t moving it. However, any fees that you incur should always be paid out of any proceeds, instead of being handled upfront. You do want to be protective of your asset, so make sure that you understand the contract before you arrange a SWIFT transaction.

We Protect Our Client Deposits Fully Through 3 Levels of Protection

You never have to worry about your security with our three levels of protection:

  1. A Two Percent (2%) Non-Performance Penalty
    • Two Percent (2%) damage fee will apply to a Party that fails to perform. The 2% shall apply in both cases, either when the Provider has sent a Corporate Invoice which the Beneficiary’s Bank will not respond or pay, and/or when the Beneficiary’s Bank is ready willing and able to receive the SKR and no BANK INSTRUMENTS is delivered from the Providers Bank by SWIFT MT-542.
  2. A Program to Refund Deposits (all our agreements are Bank Endorsed (confirmable) with full bank responsibility as an insurance wrap)
    • With our agreement with banks, that bank becomes responsible for payment when the transaction becomes complete.
    • When a bank endorsed an agreement, the bank becomes responsible before our company is paid any fees by the client. We are the only Bank Instrument Facilitators in the WORLD that guarantee 100% your initial deposit through bank endorsement before the client releases any payment.
  3. Attorneys Client Trust Account
    • Once your agreement is approved by the compliance department and bank endorsed, the payment is to be made ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY to an attorney’s office client trust account. This banking coordinates will be provided directly from a Hanson Group compliance officer (CCO) and it will be included inside of your Invoice.

This Refund Deposit  Program protects our clients and makes sure that the deposits are completely safe.

12 Advantages of Purchasing a Safe Keeping Receipt (SKR) from Us!

  1. We Utilize this Program with Small Banks (Non-Rated Offshore Banks).
  2. We offer arrangements in USD as well as EUROs.
  3. We offer a low rate of 2% banking fees plus 2% commission.
  4. It takes 6 months to finish banking fees for full payment after issuance.
  5. We promise that after an agreement is completed, it will be signed within 72 hours.
  6. We protect your initial deposit 100 percent.
  7. SKR can be SWIFT MT-542 to any bank in the world with no extra fee.
  8. No Corporate or Personal Credit Checks
  9. No Documentation is Necessary for your Project.
  10. Brokers can earn a commission of up to 1.5%
  11. SKR specifically designed for each client. 
  12. Non-performance clause of 2% in all contracts.

Deposit Requirements for Lease KTT MT103 One-Way:

Prices in EUROS

If you Do NOT have Initial Deposit Funds and want a FREE Bank Instrument.


Bank Endorsed Safe Keeping Receipt (SKR) Closing Process: 

  1. Provider and Beneficiary execute, sign and initiate this Letter of Intent / Memorandum of Understanding, which thereby automatically becomes a full commercial recourse contract agreement.
  2. One Banking day the Provider Bank Endorsed this agreement guarantee the Beneficiaries payment for the:
    • Due-Diligence
    • Swift Transmission (MT542) or Hard Copy of the SKR
    • Bank account opening
    • Beneficiary Verification
    • Bank Delivery Coordinates Compliance Assessment
  3. Beneficiary,within two(2) international banking days,instructs his Bank to send swift transmission/portfolio reservation cost of $__________ (_____________ Thousand USD) by wire transfer to the Providers provided receiving bank coordinates, and emails a copy of the wire transfer receipt to the Provider.
  4. Within three(3) banking days after the Providers Bank has received above bank swift transmission, Beneficiary should block the assets in favor of ___________ Bank or send the assets to the bank address provided in this agreement.
  5. Within ten(10) banking days Providersissuingbank after authenticated the block of assets under providers bank name or after received the physical assets to the bank address provided in this agreement, then issues and sends the SKR with full bank responsibility as per EXHIBIT C.(Provider shall provide a copy of said SKRto the Beneficiary by email).
  6. The Beneficiariesverifies, and pays for the SKR, and additionally pay out the 2% consultancy fees/commissions, as per the Irrevocable Master Fee Protection Agreement (IMFPA) within Six (06) Month after receipt and authentication of SWIFT MT-542 or proof of delivery of the Hard Copy of the SKR.
  7. If after the previous period, the payment has not to be made or bank payment undertaking has not been received, the provider will proceed with the cancellation of the bank instrument and any payment made by the beneficiary is considered non-refundable.
  8. All subsequent tranches will be based on the same procedures until collateral or funds become exhausted.

Required Documents:

  1. Fill out the SKR Application Below
  2. When you’ve finished the SKR Application you need to proceed with email it to: [email protected]

Compliance Standard:

  • Accepted Standard: Clients must abide by our standards and accurately fill out the application online.
  • Rejected Standard:
    • Any provider that is listed on the Forbidden Assets and Financial Instrument List.
    • Any situation where a client cannot or will not pay the deposit.

Important Information:

  1. With our Banking Instrument delivery service, everything is non-negotiable. We will not alter the price of any part of this service.
  2. There is no way to have a FREE SKR or to allow a client to pay for the initial deposit after the SKR has arrived. If this is not paid, then no SKR will ever be delivered. Banks will not deliver any bank instruments until the funds are secure.
  3. The Hanson Group of Companies do NOT receive any payment from his clients outside the attorney’s client trust account. Therefore are NOT RESPONSIBLE  for any payment made to any third party including Hanson Group brokers nor delegation office.
  4. We don’t issue RWA or BCL letter. This tactic is normally used by clients to shop around for a credit line with the receiving institution with a banking letter confirming there is a bank instrument ready to be issued on their name. We will never allow this to happen under our company name.

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